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AcceliCAD 2010 Competitive Upgrade for owners of any version of Cadopia or any other IntelliCAD platform or version.  Must provide evidence of ownership.

Includes all of the features of IntelliCAD Pro Plus and the following features which are exclusive to Autodsys:

  • Quick Dimensioning
  • Dimension-driven Editing
  • Batch Plotting
  • Polar Angle Tracking
  • Floating Prompt Menus
  • Heads Up Keyboard Entry
  • Windows XP Style GUI
  • Entity Information Window
  • Reference Editing of Blocks and Xrefs
  • 3D to 2D Projector
  • Editing of Proxy Objects
  • Loading of Multiple VBI files
  • System Variable Editor
  • Enhanced Block and Attribute Creation
  • Trim and Extend to Blocks
  • Entity Snap From Layout Scale Drop-down

Includes 30 days installation support and electronic (PDF) documentation

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