Photorealistic 3-D Rendering

IntelliCAD Pro and Pro Plus let you easily create 3-D designs using the 3-D drawing tools. You can display hidden-line, shaded, or fully rendered versions of your 3-D models or your existing 3-D libraries with a click of a button. You can choose professional-quality, preset options for lighting, surface materials, and backgrounds. With IntelliCAD's sophisticated raytracing capabilities, you can produce photorealistic 3-D renderings.


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Other rendering controls include:

Render Settings

Lets you set the quality, control shadows, choose a location for the rendering or export to a file.

Material Property Editor

Lets you set the transparency and a reflectance type for the rendering. Choose from shiny plastic (the default), dull plastic, shiny metal, dull metal, mirror and glass.

Lighting Studio

Lets you model four light types with positions and intensity.


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